Welcome to Gray The Bruce

Here is a list of Gray's recent writings. It is maintained by his father and any errors are his father's alone.

Flash & Short Stories

  1. "Afromosia Wakizashi" (Buckshot Magazine, July 15, 2019)
  2. "Last Contact" (Nature Magazine, reprinted in Best Vegan Science Fiction and Fantasy 2018)
  3. "Cold Comforts" (Nature Magazine, performed in audio by Shamini Bundell, reprinted in Best Vegan Science Fiction and Fantasy 2017)
  4. "The Johnson Farm Outbreak" (Barrelhouse Magazine, online)

Microfiction and Micro CNF

  1. "Sentinel Species" (WORLDS, A Dark Drabbles Anthology)
  2. "Constellations in Mourning" (The Drabble)
  3. "Understudies" (101 Fiction)
  4. "Floral Arrangement" (50-Word Stories)
  5. "The Period at the End of This Sentence" (50-Word Stories)
  6. "Only Thing Left to Do Is What We've Always Done" (50-Word Stories, selected as Story of the Week)
  7. "Boxing Day" (50-Word Stories)
  8. "Bumper-Sticker" (Cuento Magazine)
  9. "Lawn Cares" (50-Word Stories)
  10. "Changeable Natures" (50-Word Stories)
  11. "During the Depression, We Made Do with What We Had" (The Drabble)
  12. "Dog of War" (Speculative 66, issue 16)
  13. "Shing!" (On the Premises Mini 36)

Copyright 2000 - 2019 Gray Scott. Please ask for permission before you copy any of this site or especially content from his short stories. He can be reached at his first name at graythebruce.com . Sorry to be obscure but the trolls harvest enail addresses for spam and he already gets enough.